Potatoes and Lives



I have a potato. For the sake of extreme creativity I will call it Potato A. If I take this potato and cut a big slice off of the side, I now have only a part of a potato. It’s very easy to see what happened.

But if I take another potato out, (let’s call him Potato B) and go outside. Then I find a rock. I take Potato B and rub it against the rock. At first you can’t see much, maybe just a little scraped skin. I don’t do this just once though, I do it again and again. Soon this potato is as damaged as Potato A.

The problem is that Potato B will have a harder time figuring out what happened.

Who are you?

Because this isn’t just about potatoes, it’s about people.

It’s about you. Are you broken? Wounded? Hurting?

Who are you?

Were you damaged like Potato A? Did your wound come in big blows? Maybe you were abused? Were you abandoned? You can look at your life and say, “This is where the knife came down.”

You are hurting. You have a reason to hurt. You were wounded.

But what if you weren’t hurt like that?

What if you can’t remember big traumas in your life?

Then you can relate to Potato B.

Maybe it was a lot of little things.

A friend’s rejection

An angry parent

Cutting remarks



Each time things like that happen, it scrapes away at us until we are badly damaged. The problem is that it’s harder to believe you were hurt. Somehow we think life should be okay.

Whether you are Potato A or Potato B, you are hurting.

I don’t know what happened.

But I do know this. You did not deserve that. You were not hurt because it was your fault. There was someone that already took that hurt for you. You don’t deserve the hurt. You are worth freedom. You are worth being loved. I want healing for you. Even more, He wants healing for you.

Will you let God heal you?

He is good.

He can put the pieces back together.

~ Your sister, Hope

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