For You KD

adventure atmosphere conifer conifers
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She longed for so much more but was afraid of what would happen if she got it. Dreams were painful reminders that she was here trapped, unable to fly. Sometimes she saw glimpses of a world more beautiful than her own but the voice held her prisoner. She was afraid to die and too hurt to fight for life. All the humans added to the voice. They told her to get used to all this despair. She couldn’t hold her ears to block out all the words.

Occasionally she would hear whispers faintly calling to her, trying to save her heart. She didn’t know how to believe them. She believed her heart was evil and needed to be destroyed. The whispers would tell her that her heart was good, even beautiful. The whispers kept her dreaming for something more. She knew even if it wasn’t freedom. It would have to be something better than this.

I agree with the whispers. She is a beautiful woman. Her heart is made of gold. She will learn to believe the whispers. They will give her life.

Abundant life.

For you KD




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