Silencing Cinderella

He had a blue velvet coat with gold trim. She was beautiful and humble. They danced together all night while the rest of the world faded away from their view. The perfect ending came with a stunning wedding with every detail exactly in place. They were both perfect.

The other prince wore khakis and blue dress shirts. It didn’t really matter what he looked like because she was captured by his eyes every time. There wasn’t any white horses pulling a gold carriage, but she didn’t mind. He could have given Prince Charming lessons about how to treat a lady.

Hope knew which man she would choose. It wasn’t even a question to her. She could live without the carriage, but not without her man. Cinderella could have Prince Charming. She didn’t need fairy godmothers and glass slippers or a castle to live in. They weren’t her story to experience.

The only problem with the fairy tale was the wedding. Hope desperately wanted to be like Cinderella. She dreamed about looking perfect, but Hope didn’t live in a Cinderella world. It hurt to realize that her dreams weren’t going to become reality and she fully blamed herself for that.

Her story wasn’t Cinderella’s story. If only she could believe that truth and walk away from the painful dreams. She really isn’t sure how to do that. Cinderella dances in ballroom of every woman’s heart and she won’t be silenced. Maybe she should be allowed to have a voice. Maybe if we listened to her, we would hear the truth that we always wanted to hear.

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