Little Tiny Hope


Forgive me as I try my best to write this down. It’s been too long since I’ve written and the words don’t flow onto the page like they once did.

This is for you my darling Hope. For years I have used the name Hope as a pen name, a cover to release my words, my emotions, and my painful steps forward. You, Hope have put a new perspective on the word. You are flesh of my flesh and DNA from my DNA, but you are also something new, something hopeful. You are my daughter.

You have made me a mother, not just in name but in action. You are my daughter and I will fight for you, I will celebrate with you, I will hurt with you, cry with you, and more than anything, always love you with all my soul. Hope, you have so many of your father’s ways. His eyes, his excitement of life, his cheerful outlook on the things to come. May you always look at life with those eyes of excitement.

Hope is your name and I pray that it is always your identity. That you would look at the broken world around you with Hope and only see what it could be with the Healer. The world needs you, Hope. They need someone to bring them Jesus. They need someone to show them how to triumph over pain and brokenness and to smile in hope of the future.

I will be here for you, darling. With my life, I will do my best to show you the hope of Jesus. I want you to never have to fight the battles I have fought, walk through the lies that I have believed, feel the depression I have felt. You are a brand new life. We have a chance to change the storyline. We can start again.

From your mommy, the other Hope.

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