Coming Alive

woman jumping over body of water

Here I go breaking the silence on the blog. Please accept our apologies for the break, KD and I have been busy braving life. KD, this one is for you.

For you KD on the occasion of your birthday.

I miss you. I miss spending so very much time with you almost every day. But you know what? I’m not scared for you anymore. I don’t worry about how you are doing, and whether you are lost in a dark place without me there. You’re doing crazy things. I see you leaning into God, braving the unknown, learning what makes you come alive, and trying rollercoasters. You prophesy over the lost, weep with the hurting, and war for the broken. That is you. That is the KD I have always seen.

When you were completely wrecked, when you had no faith left, when you stopped crying because you stopped feeling, nothing made me stop seeing freedom for you. Freedom is built into your DNA. It’s a part of you. No matter how far you ran, you never could have escaped it. Now I see you proclaiming that freedom over others. You are using your freedom to break other’s prison locks. You show Jesus.

Here KD, is your birthday wish from Hope. You, my friend, will always fly over the highest mountain tops. You will run into the vast unknown of the future and laugh when fear tries to intimidate you. You will walk with the creative designer of all and sit in rapt attention at his words. There will be doors that you break down without slowing your pace. You will not be fooled by fake Christianity, but will call it out. You will lose count of the souls you are going to mother. You will carry the breakthrough that many people have been desperate for. You, the one that has been broken, has been dead, has stopped believing. You are a walking miracle.

Know that you are worthy and that you are loved.

You are seen.

As always, Hope

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