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There are three things that can make you feel trapped.




If there is a lie operating in your life – there can’t be freedom in that area of your life.

Lies attack us personally.

Lies feel like the truth.

Lies won’t ever let us be the person we were created to be.

What happens when the lie coming at us is hidden in a person we love/respect?

How do we deal with the lie and spare the person?

What if we wound the person while trying to kill the lie?

What if we allow the lie to live because we don’t want to hurt the person?

I don’t know how to solve that one.

This I do know.

Lies must die.

You need to separate the person from the lie.

One is a friend,

The other is an enemy.

Truth will set you free.

If you want truth –

Lies must die.


Instructions on how to kill a lie.

  1. Dig the lie out. Lies have power when you don’t know about them. You need to dig it out and say, “This doesn’t seem like truth.”
  2. Then once you see the lie, you need to figure out how to get it to let go of you. This is the scary part. You go to the Father of truth and ask him what he says about this lie and about you. He will tell you the truth.
  3. The truth will set you free.
  4. Take the lie and drown it!
  5. Use the truth you now have to set other people free.

It will be beautiful.

~ Your sister, Hope

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