The Unchaining

photo of lion on grass field
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The waves of anger toss me back and forth.

The surging emotions keep me doing all the things I don’t want to do but keep doing.

Yeah, I was never allowed to be me.

I was never introduced to myself.

What’s the point?

I can do all the things but I can’t be all the things so why bother?

On the other hand, I can do all the things and I can be all the things so why not?

Cause God keeps telling me he knows me better then all of that.


Cause he created me so why wouldn’t he?

Thing is this religion we’ve boxed him into has believers walking around like elephants instead of lions.

I’m done with the tame people,

God never promised a picket fence but it sure would be nice.

Thing is I get this tug to grab me a tent and set up camp at the outskirts of hell.

Because the hearts of men are searching for answers, reasons for their existence.

I see the hunger in their eyes and the fear. I don’t understand why God created humanity.

But he bore their pain and took their death.

I just wish they knew it.

All you tame washed out believers begging for the end to come, WAKE UP!

We have work to do and a purpose to live for. We live in the temporary and that end will come.

If you look at what’s permanent you can see this world needs you.

Sometimes the temporary causes us to lose sight of what’s permanent.  Then it’s time to refocus.


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